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TechnoFAQ banner design.

Recently one of my friends Sunit K Nandi relaunched his Forum, TechnoFAQ with new all new looks.

TechnoFAQ is a huge Facebook community with over 6,000 members that help each other in tech issues/advices.
Since the launch of TechnoFAQ, it has never taken a back-step, growing larger and larger as users from all over the World join the community.

Since Sunit was a friend of mine, he told me about the forum and what he's gonna do with design.
After he launched the Forum over at forum.technofaq.org , I registered my account, and he made me a, Moderator, I was like, "Wow! Something just happened, and it is FREAKING AWESOME!"
So, I took a look at the Forum and told my concerns about the banner. I asked if I could do it for him. he obivously said yes. I made a simple looking banner (Image No.1 below). 

He asked me to make some tweaks like change some colors. I did it (Image No.2 below) . And all of a sudden he made me an Adminstrator and asked me to change the banner myself... (Ok, here's the thing, I know nothing about forums AdminCP, I'm a noob.) I changed the banner and, the banner was over sized! I made the banner a wopping 4400px by 1100px, The banner looked like crap. Only the "T" was visible, soon replaced that with a smaller correct-zize image... It was a good experience. 

Take a look at the images below and leave me any comments/advices... I'm more than happy to learn what the users feel.. 

UPDATE :  I made a Favicon and also another "logo" for the Facebook page (Look for the images at the very bottom)


The Original Banner

New banner 1.0 (large)

New Banner 2.0(large)

New banner 2.1 (Size shrunken)

Final Design (Color Change) 

How it looks on the Forum Page

How it looks on Mobile

Facebook Profile picture

Favicon for the Forum (36x36px)