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Birthday posters : My first time doing this.

Finally, I got a real project to work.
Honestly, I did not do a birthday invitation design ever. I had fun making these.
This is actually the first time I made something big/real.
I had fun working on this incredibly fast (less than an hour) project.
I don't know which one the client used, because it's supposed to be a digital invitation (The one which is sent through e-mail or social media)
And, yes, I did this for free, I'm a freelancer (at least for now). An, I'll keep doing this for free, until the point where, I'm in a position to be completely broken, or when I really want a lot of money ;) .
Anyway, if you want me to make something for your event, please feel free to e-mail me , techtronicshow@gmail.com
or tweet me, we'll get in touch,

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